Nature. Art. Eternity

Biophilia is our innate desire to be connected to nature. Being surround by plants and other natural elements in your home and work environments improves your mood and makes you more productive. Here are ways you can decorate your space with nature:

1.Preserved plants: Decorating with preserved plants means you have the best parts of real plants and silk plants in one. Preserved plants last over a year without maintenance making them a hassle-free way to surround yourself with nature. Also, their real look and feel will be more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing to your senses than silk plants.

2. Reclaimed Wood: Reclaimed wood has a lot of texture and character, giving it an appearance that connects closer to how wood appears in nature. Many of the world’s top office and retail spaces use this green building material. You can find reclaimed wood from specialty lumber dealers, online, or architectural salvage yards.

3. Rocks and Crystals: Have fun designing with rocks of all sizes and shapes. Scatter them on a table or lay them out in more artistic ways. Display them in glass vases, place them in bookshelves or use them as doorstops. Crystals, known for their healing properties, are powerful design components. Use them as small decorative accents or in larger design fixtures like the a fireplace.

4. Water: Moving water not only stimulates us from its sight and sound, but the actual movement creates negative ionization, which is a mild physiological stimulant. Water decor fixtures include water gardens, aquariums, and fountains of any size from tabletop versions to large ones that are freestanding or attached to a wall.

5. Natural Light: Maximizing natural light benefits people and is cost effective. Lighting systems that naturally or artificially mimic how light acts in nature helps us sync to our circadian rhythm. As a result, it makes indoor spaces more visually conformable to work and live in.

6. Smell: Use an essential oil diffuser with scents that remind you of your favorite place in nature. Some divine essential oils are Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Bergamot, and Rosemary.

Click here for diffuser oil blends to try

Dawn ’til dusk time lapse of beautiful office colour and light from ambience on Vimeo.

7. Sound: Instead of listening to the top 100 hits, try Mother Nature Beats. Tune into the sound of chirping crickets, rain, or ocean waves during your day when you need some time for calmness and relaxation. 

What are your thoughts on Biophilia inspired interior decorating? Do you have a favorite way to decorate with nature? Let us know in a comment below. 


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